Driven by  Don Johnson
As Detective Sonny Crockett

        Miami Vice, one of the most popular
shows from the 1980’s, starred Don Johnson
and Phillip Michael Thomas as two Metro-
Dade Police Department detectives working
undercover in Miami. Unlike standard police
procedurals, the show drew heavily upon
1980s culture and became noted for its heavy
integration of music and visual effects to tell
a story.  Miami Vice is recognized as one of
the most influential television series of all
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A good undercover cop needs the toys to
maintain an appearance of affluence. Plus a
speedy car and boat is handy no matter
which side of the law you prefer. So Don
Johnson's character on Miami Vice was
supplied fancy cars, clothes and boats by the
Miami-Dade Police Department to protect his
cover as an underworld drug dealer.  In the
first two seasons, Sonny Crockett, Don
Johnson,  drove  this Daytona Spyder  which
was the perfect fit for the flashy, rock-n-roll
persona the actor portrayed and will always
be remembered as the MIAMI VICE car.